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Synced Tool

Secure Sharing & Fluid Collaboration

Intevant Synced Tool enables mobile workers to securely access and share files wherever they go, on any device. Team Shares streamline file changes, ensuring that teams have real-time access to the most recent file versions. Server cloud-enablement allows employees to remotely access, edit, share, and sync files on legacy file servers; and lessens the need for cumbersome FTP and VPNs. Oh, and did we mention you can use it to backup all your company laptops too?

Features | Highlights

Sync across devices

Sync data across servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and on the web, so that users can stay productive from any location or device

Secure and easy sharing

Work with employees and others using share links, expiration dates, download limits, download notifications, and password-protected shares

Eliminate VPN and FTP

Access, edit, share, and sync files on a legacy file server from a Team Share within Synced Tool, eliminating the dependence on VPN and FTP

Set org and user policies

View your organization, sub-organizations, and users from a unified dashboard where granular policies and settings can be configured

Backup and restore

Set continuous, real-time backup of synced files and folders, local folder backups, custom or unlimited retention, and restore files and folders

Public or private cloud

Configured as a public cloud or private cloud service to meet your needs, adhere to specific industry mandates, and scale in preferred infrastructure

Business-Class Cloud File Storage, Sync, and Backup

Intevant Synced Tool unleashes the power of mobility and maximizes the BYOD trend. Despite a diverse computing environment, Intevant Synced Tool lets users be productive with their files, while giving essential control and visibility to administrators and business owners. Unlike most consumer-grade file sync services, such as Dropbox, Intevant Synced Tool keeps business files safe by arming administrators with robust security and control features. Organizations can limit or control which devices are permitted to sync; completely audit file syncs and changes; backup designated folders on remote computers, remotely wipe the data from devices that are lost or stolen; and monitor and manage how employees are using their mobile devices. No other file sync service provides the functionality, or can be customized for your business needs, like Intevant Synced Tool.

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Intevant Synced Tool can help your business share data easier and more securely, while allowing your people to collaborate better.

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